The reptilian regime and what is to come of it all.

So in my last post, I talked about how. Well I talked about many things. Barely even scratched the surface on most just giving a rough example of what was to come. Now all of what I write comes from personal experience and study not much of it comes from what others have said, some does not really a lot of it, though. So without further ado, I guess, let’s get into this next post.

Now, as I stated in the last post in 1950, we had our first extraterrestrial contact with. Any form of alien. The story goes that at first we were contacted by “goid” aliens who had offered us to become a part of the so called galactic council if we gave up our nuclear and hateful ways. Then we were contacted by what were called the grays and reptilians, and they gave us the option to continue to fuck off. And they just wanted to interbred with our people.  Little did we know that that would actually be what caused the downfall of this whole entire planet. As the years progressed, we slowly ended up with the more and more heavily infiltrated system government in corporate positions were taken over by these so called hybrid beings. That is something I do recommend. Looking into more, I dont feel like going too far into depth on that. I may later on but not for now. And as these so called higher beings progressively took over positions of influence they also infiltrated our media and influence, the masses to become a more dumbed down and more agressive collective of people. No, we would be led to believe that humans have always been a rather aggressive species. And. Some parts. This is true. We have had very tyrannical rulers for the past thousands of years who had been at war. Constantly, however. Give the human an option, your average everyday person give them the option to cause a fuss or to relax and have a good time. The majority will have a good time and choose to not worry about trivial things. Thats all for this post, I will be going further into it in the next post. I’ll be along the same topic. Get ahold of me at

I apologize for how short this one was. The next one may have a lot more to read.


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