The reptilian regime and the truth of it all

So… This is a highly frowned upon topic… For a good reason… Especially in this day and age where we are already at the whim of these “higher” beings I find it interesting that many still deny it although everone is already apart of it. The truth of these extra-terrestrial entities is far less outlandish than it may seem.

The reptilian race is considered a humanoid race with scaley skin, ect, ect. We’ve all heard what they are supposed to look like. Now why has this specific theory becomes such an icon of blasphemy, in the media, as well as in most portrails of schizophrenic and or other instances of crazy people. For something to become this out of proportion it has to be relevant to the truth. Look at the scandal of 9/11 and notice how out of proportion that was blown. But in the end, it turns out that was, in fact, not an enemy attack. No, not everyone believes that, then again, not everyone is smart enough to question their overlords. “the beautiful mother fucking USA.” The simplest way of explaining that is that everything that has a hint of truth in it is blown out of proportion in the media. It’s an age old classic to portray a crazy schizophrenic on the city sidewalk as talking about the aliens trying to probe his mind or the reptilians coming for him.

Now I understand, I’m ranting into details quite thoroughly. I just want it to be made sure that these minor details are looked upon as more than a minor detail.

The truth about this whole thing is is that these are not just aliens that are going to show up at your doorstep and fuckin try to do whatever to you. If you were a pardon of advanced alien race and you wanted to dominate a planet why would you just walk straight up to the front door and knock? The truth about this whole thing is is that they’ve been here for more than half of a century. If you’ve read into this topic anywhere else, you will have possibly read into the fact that we had our first contact with extraterrestrial life in the 1950s. At this point, in time a deal was struck in exchange for better technology, we were to let them infiltrate and reproduce with our people. Now this may not seem like an absolutely horrible thing to some people (idfk sounds pretty bad to me) but this has led to the ultimate demise of the human race. These so called reptilian beans have already infiltrated the governmental structures and other corporate and powerful structures within the. states as well as other positions of power within the rest of the world.

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